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The Effectiveness of a Liquid Supplement (UVO™) in Providing Skin Protection from UVB Radiation

Leonidas Pavlos Kyparissous, Farah Awadalla MD

Procedures Performed

A UV emitting device was used to administer varying degrees of radiation to the skin of 15 subjects*. They were tested initially without the supplement and again in a different area approximately 1 hour after consuming a 12oz bottle of UVO. The number and intensity of test fields that are red indicates the skins’ response to the UV exposure.


Sample Patient Photos Indicating Test Field Results


*Research studies are deemed clinically significant if the p-value is less than 0.05. To reach clinical significance there are several factors that are important. The amount of change expected to see with your intervention dictates the number of people that you need to test. For things that have a large effect, very few patients are needed to reach clinical significance. In fact, the FDA only requires sunscreen companies to test 10 people to determine the SPF.

In our clinical study we have reached a p-value of less than 0.0001, which makes our results clinically significant with only testing 15 people. This means that the effect UVO had was large enough to be detected by this relatively small number of people.

These are the preliminary results of our proof-of-concept testing. We are currently working with independent third-parties to complete additional testing.

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