Khởi Tạo Uvo
“As a dermatologist, I see patients every day who experience negative short and long-term effects of the sun’s harmful UV rays. That’s why I developed UVO, the first vitamin supplement specifically formulated to protect and repair your skin from sun damage. UVO’s scientifically proven ingredients work from the inside out making it a healthy, easy, convenient and tasty way to healthy skin. UVO was made for everyone who is exposed to the sun—especially those with an active outdoor lifestyle. So drink UVO and enjoy your day outdoors!”


Board-Certified Dermatologist & Creator of UVO

Highly-respected dermatologist and surgeon, Bobby Awadalla, MD brings his extensive knowledge of dermatology and state-of-the-art expertise in skin cancer removal, facial plastic reconstruction and cosmetic dermatology to his role as the inventor and entrepreneur behind UVO. An outdoor enthusiast himself, Dr. Awadalla enjoys swimming, body surfing, running, basketball and travel. He’s had a lifelong love affair with his original homeland, Greece, where the ocean and sun is part of everyday life, whether for leisure, sport or making a living. For years, he heard all the reasons why people avoid sunscreen – they don’t like the smell, the feel, the burning in their eyes, or the hassle of reapplying. Because he sees the effects of sunlight on unprotected skin firsthand every day – and because of his own personal passion for outdoor life, Dr. Awadalla spent years researching natural alternative methods of providing sun protection and repair, which led him to develop UVO.